We have purchased Sidekick, and wish to use our laptop to access the program on the main computer from another location. I have downloaded the program to my laptop, but I cannot find the Login screen.

Sidekick will automatically log you into the laptop (or remote) computer's program. In this case, you won't have any data because you just downloaded it. You will need to log out of the laptop's program and log into the Main Computer's program. Click File from the top of the program, then choose Login Wizard. Follow the prompts to log in remotely with the internet password and ip address you were provided with during Remote Setup (this service can be purchased at our web site)

With Sidekick you can install the program in one location and then access this database remotely from anywhere in the world if you have a high speed connection. For example, you can use your laptop to access your Sidekick database from an internet cafe or a home computer. Or you may have multiple sites that access one large database or only the part of it that they have permission to view.

Once the initial setup is complete on your main computer, all you will need from any remote location is an installation of Sidekick (with a quick download from our web site if you haven't already installed on this computer). Then just go to the Login Wizard and input your Internet Password and IP address into the new login box. (see below)


To set up Remote Access:




1. Set up Router Access.

From the Server (or computer where the database is located) set up router access. See the FAQ on Router Setup for details.

(This step only applies if you have more than one computer networked with a router in your server location. If not, skip to step 2.)


2. Set up Security on your Server.

To provide security, go to Setup>Preferences> General on the menu bar in Sidekick and create and type in an "Internet Password" that must be used when accessing the data remotely.  Also create a name that the remote computer will use to access the software over the internet.




1.Install Client

Install Sidekick on the remote computer by downloading the free demo. 


2. Log in


Open Sidekick, when the login screen opens, enter the login name and the Internet Password when prompted.

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