Are there different payment types?

With Sidekick you can create custom Payment Types. When you install your software you will be provided with a few payment types like Cash and Check. You can change these types or add your own. Later, when selecting payments to deposit, you can select your custom types and deposit them all at the same time. For example you may want to create a new Payment Type for Visa. Using this new payment type you can track totals for how much you collected from tenants that was paid by Visa. You can not edit the payment type Credit Card because this type is used with the feature to accept credit card payments with PPI.

 To open the payment types:

1. Open the Tenant Form.  
2. Select a Tenant.
3. Open the Income Form.
4. Click the black drop down arrow beside a payment type:
5. A Payment Types screen will come up:

To add a new payment type:
1. Click on the New button  
2. Type in the name of the payment type in the Name field.
3. Fill the Message field with what you want to appear on the screen beside your new payment type. For example in the field beside "Check" you may want another field called "Check #" for the user to fill in. You may want to display a message called "M.O. # " beside the payment type "Money Order".
4. Click OK to save your changes.

To delete everything about a payment type:

1. Choose the payment type from the list on the left by clicking on the name.
2. Click on the Delete button located above the list.
3. Note: If a payment type is being used the Delete button will not be available.        

 To view details about one of the payment types:

1. Click on the payment type listed in the list on the left to view its details.

 To change the order that the payment types will display on this list and on the Income Form:

1. Click on the payment type in the list on the left that you want to re order.
2. Use the Up and Down icons to move this item in the list.
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