How do I backup and restore my data?

Data loss is the most devastating occurrence when using software. We know that everyone has good intentions to backup, but often we get too busy or forget.  Sidekick has an automatic reminder that comes up each time you exit the software. This reminder will fill in a backup name for you which includes the file name. You can add a memo to remind you of what is on the backup, such as ʺJust posted all the rentsʺ. This reminder can be turned off if you do not want it.

In addition to the backup reminders, Sidekick has automatic backups that will backup once each day that you use the software.  These backups provide extra insurance in case you forget to backup or your backups become damaged or unreadable.  Please do not depend entirely on these automatic backups. Create your own backups as well.

The Sidekick backup system will help to insure that you have backups on your hard drive. It will not help if you have a fire, hurricane or the computer is stolen. It is advisable to store some backups away from your office. You can email your database if it is not too large. Or you can  backup to a CD and take it to another location occasionally to make sure you have some backups off site.

To backup your Sidekick data:

When you close Sidekick, the backup screen comes up. Or you can access it by going to the menu bar and choosing File>Backup Database. The name of the backup file will be filled in for you and includes the current date and time.

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