What is the difference between Sidekick and Quick Books?

Sidekick has the benefit of understanding that tenants pay a recurring charge on a schedule without you purchasing inventory.  Sidekick's main goal is for you to track tenants recurring charges and late fees appropriately. We consider ourselves Property Management Software focused on assisting in tenant charges of rent, utilities, late fees, security deposits, etc. Sidekick's goal is to track income using Profit & Loss, Income reports, and a Summary Expense reports. The software assists in tracking rent collections with Letters and Rent Invoices. We also have move in checklists and a general lease. 
Quick-books uses purchasing of inventory to track invoicing customers. This is why it doesn't understand recurring charges without purchasing inventory in the same way Sidekick does. Quick-books focus is more on Accounting. This is why Quick-books has more reports and banking features available. 
Sidekick and Quick-books have different goals which makes them great to use together. Many owners use Sidekick to track income and Quick-books for expenses or have a CPA who uses Quick-books at the end of the year for tax purposes.  If this is your goal we recommend  entering yearly or quarterly totals into Quick-books using reports from Sidekick.  The reports can be shared by printing, emailing, or exporting into excel. 
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