How do I create my own version of a letter by using an existing template in Sidekick? I want to also save the new letter to a tenant's history.

Letters that can be saved to the tenant’s history must be present on the left side of the Letters to Tenants screen so that the program can recognize them as able to be saved to a tenant on the right side of the screen.


To create a standard form letter that will be used often, and will be based on one of the templates already in the program, follow these steps:

a)      Open the letter you want to use as a template by clicking on the letter and choosing the Edit button (the pencil icon) at the top of the list.

b)      The document will open in Word. Highlight all of the letter text with your mouse and use CTRL+C on your keyboard to copy it.

c)       Close the letter template in Word. Do not save any changes.

d)      Create a new letter by clicking the New button (piece of paper) at the top of the list.

e)      Choose to start with a blank document. Name the document whatever you want. A blank page will open in Word.

f)       Paste in the information that you copied from the original template. Now you can make changes to the information.

g)      When you are finished, close the document, and click YES to save changes. Now you will see the new letter on the left side.

h)      To use it, click on the letter, then click on a tenant. 

i)        Click Preview. Now the letter will appear in Word. If you are happy with it, you can close Word without printing. If it asks you if you want to save, click No.

j)        Now, you are ready to print the letter and save to History. Click the letter on the left side, and the tenant(s) on the right side.

k)      Click Print. Click Yes to Continue, and click Yes to Save to History. Now the letters will print on your printer, and each individual tenant has been saved with his or her copy of the letter.

****Please Note: Any letter that is listed on the left hand side of the screen can be deleted. However, if you delete a letter from the list that was previously saved to a tenant's history, you will be also deleting the letter out of that tenant's history.

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