When I try to save a merged letter to the tenant's history I get an error that contains: "C:\ProgramFiles\Sidekick\(letter name.doc) Cannot find file. Please verify correct path and file name are given." What does this error mean? How can I get my tenant's letters saved to the tenant letter history?

This error means that you are not merging your letter in MS Word but in Wordpad. To fix this problem, go to your Windows Start button > right click over Start > click on Explore > go to tools on the menu bar > click on folder options > click on the folder: file types > scroll down to the registered file type: DOC > click DOC Microsoft Word Document > in same folder screen go down to Details for 'DOC' Extension > click on Change > click on Microsoft Office Word > click OK to close that screen > click OK to close the next screen.

Now your letters will print in MS Word instead of Wordpad and save to your tenant letter history.

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