How do I make a property inactive?

Each property, unit or group can be made inactive if you wish. This is a useful feature if you sell a property and you no longer want to see the property in the list, but you still want to retain the information for reporting purposes.  The Status field is used to change a property to inactive.

You can set your view of your property list to view Active Only or View Active and Inactive. If you have the view set to view inactive, the inactive properties will show in the list grayed out so you can distinguish them from the active properties in the list.

 To change the status of a property, unit or group:

Go to the unit, property or group form.

Click on the black drop down arrow in the Status field in the upper right side of the form.

Select "Inactive".

This property will now be grayed out on your properties list OR not visible if you have set your view to view Active Only.

To change your view:

1. Open the property list  
2. Go to the bottom right corner of your screen below the property list.
3. Click the blue arrow icon to open the view.
4. Select Show Active Only, or Show Active and Inactive by clicking on your selection.
5. Close the View with the blue arrow icon and your view will be changed.
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