A rent payment was entered into the incorrect unit, and the check has been deposited. How do I correct this?

Go to the tenant that you entered the incorrect payment for. Under Tenant Income, look in the top right corner under Payment History. Find the payment that was created incorrectly. 

Try to edit or delete this payment. This will cause a pop up window will appear informing you that the payment has been deposited. Make a note of the deposit # and date. 

Now go into the Banking section. Choose 'Make Deposits' find the deposit number on the right side of the screen. Select the deposit that this payment is associated with. Edit the deposit by un-depositing just this one item. Don't worry you will re-deposit it at the end in order to keep your deposit amount, date, and number the same. 

Go back to the Tenant Income page where you found the incorrect payment. Make a note of the payment information (date, payment type, memo, and amount). Select the payment in the payment history box in the top right and delete it by clicking on the red X.

Now go to the correct tenant’s income page and enter the payment in correctly.

Finally, don't forget to go back to the deposit and re-deposit the payment into the correct deposit number. 

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