I have my server set up but don't know my log in info for the other computer. Where can I find the log in information?


On the server (main computer that has the database) open your command prompt. In the command prompt type ipconfig and press enter. This will bring up your server/main computer information. Look for the server IP address should start with or is similar to


Then from the desktop of your server/main computer right click on the Sidekick icon. A list of options will drop down choose open file location. A new window should appear with a list of files and programs. Double click on Remote.exe this opens a window labeled Remote Test Tool. In the second spot down with a purple button next to it type in the IP address you obtained earlier. Then click on the purple button. If you have your server set up correctly you will get your server information.


On the secondary computer you must download Sidekick from the website. Once downloaded open the program. Click on File, Log in Wizard, choose to log in manually. To get the instance click on the button with the world icon. Put in the information you received earlier such as IP address, port, and password.


We do not provide server setup. It is very common to hire an IT person to assist you with server setup.


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