How do I restore a previous Database?

To restore an old database.
First click on 'Help', 'Activate', and write down the activation code shown in the pop up window. Then click 'cancel' to close the window. 
We recommend backing up your database before continuing in case you may want to come back to the version you are currently on. Click on 'File', 'Backup Database'. In the pop up window click on 'backup'. When the backup is complete the window will close. 
Next click on 'File', 'Restore Database'. A window will appear with several tabs. 'Automatic' these are when you open the program and it automatically creates a backup. 'Find' is to look for a database already on your computer. 
The default location for backups of Sidekick 2013 and 2016 are as follows. C drive, Program Data (this may be a hidden file on your computer), CSK2013 for Property Sidekick, PSK2013 for Park Sidekick, SSK2013 for Storage Sidekick. Then 'BACKUP'
All backups of Sidekick will end with .sk5   they will start with MyPSK or PSK then _Year_Month_Day_Military Time.sk5
Click on the database you want to restore. Click the 'Restore' button on the top left corner of the pop up winow. Sidekick will want to close. When you reopen Sidekick it should remember your activation code. It will take a little longer than normal to open.
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