How do I transfer my database from one computer to another?

If you are not on the most recent version of Sidekick and are changing Windows Operating systems you may need to pay an upgrade fee. 
In the program if needed first run an update. Close all open windows in Sidekick by clicking on the smaller red X in the top right corner next to the words 'open windows'. If all windows are closed you should only see the top tool bar and icons in the program. Click on Help then click Update Sidekick. If the current version does not match the available version on the internet run an update by clicking on 'run available update' in light blue font.
Backup the data on your old computer. To do this click on File, Backup, then choose the backup path. We recommend you save the backup up on a flash drive so you can transfer it to the new computer.
On the new computer go to our website and download the program. Once the program has finished downloading it will and you to restart your computer. After restarting your computer Save the database from the flash drive onto the desktop, it will not load from the flash drive. Open Sidekick click on File, Restore. Choose the tab labeled Find and look for the backup you put on the desk top, the file should end in .sk5 .
You will not be able to view the data you transferred over until the new computer has been activated. If you have restored your database successfully it will state your demo has expired by 4,000 days. On the new computer click on 'Help' 'Activate' and reply to this email with the computer ID. Once you get your new activation code then you can enter it into the program. The program will want to close to save the new activation code. Reopen the program and run an update, this is to updated the database to the most recent version. Once the update has completed and you have restarted your computer a second time open Sidekick to confirm all your data has been transferred. Once it has all been transferred successfully we can deactivate the old computer.


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