My hard drive crashed. I purchased a new computer how do I load Sidekick onto it?

If you are able to recover your database from the old computer they should be saved in this location unless you moved them.
For Park           C:\ProgramData\PSK2013\BACKUP
For Property    C:\ProgramData\CSK2013\BACKUP
For Storage     C:\ProgramData\SSK2013\BACKUP
All backups will end with .sk5   We recommend you save the backup up on a flash drive so you can transfer it to the new computer. 
On the new computer go to our website and download the program. Once the program is downloaded save your backup from the flash drive to the desktop, Sidekick can not load the backup from the flash drive. Open Sidekick, click on File, Restore. Choose the tab labeled Find and look for the backup you put on the desktop, the file should end in .sk5 .
You will not be able to view the data you transferred over until the new computer has been activated. On the new computer click on 'Help' 'Activate' and reply to this email with the computer ID. Once you get your new activation code then you can enter it into the program. The program will want to close to save the new activation code. Reopen to confirm all your data has been transferred to the new computer. Once it has all been transferred successfully we can deactivate the old computer.
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