How do I set up my company?

To set up your company

1. Open Sidekick.
2. Click the Property icon on the tool bar.
3. On the left you will see a column and at the top of that column it will say "My Company". On the right side of the screen is a large form ready for details about your company. The company you enter to get started can be a property management company or an owner managed company.   
4. Type over "My Company" with the name of your company.
5. Fill in the details in the form to the right.  

 To add a second company

1. Click on the first company you have created on the list on the left to highlight it.   
2. Now click with the right side of your mouse and choose New > My Company.
3. Type in the name of your company and the details in the form that opens to the right.
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