Where do prospective tenants go?

You can use the Prospective Tenant Form to record information about a prospective tenant during the application process. You can start by printing a Rental Application from Letters to Tenants Form. Then you can record information from the application and add more information as you gather it from the current rental manager and employer.

 When a particular unit becomes available you can display only the prospective tenants who have requested this Unit Type. This will assist you in matching acceptable tenants with available units.

 You can keep your list of applicants separate from your active tenant list, and only assign them to one of your properties once you have decided to accept them.

If you choose to reject a prospective tenant, their name will show grayed-out in your list of prospects. You can choose to display the rejected tenants again at a later time. This is useful if you get a new applicant and you want to verify that they have not applied and been rejected in the past. Storing a picture of prospective tenants may be helpful also for this purpose. 

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