Can I keep tenant pictures in the Sidekick software?

Use the Pictures folder to store any pictures concerning a tenant. You can select one of your pictures to be displayed at the top of the Tenant Details section as the "Tenant Photo". Pictures will be stored internally in your Sidekick database. They will be converted to jpeg files to save room on your computer.

When you insert your picture into Sidekick, Sidekick will make a copy of your original picture file. It will not change your original picture file.



 To add a photo:

1. Click on the New button.  A box will come up for you to browse to find the photos saved on your computer.
2. Drop down the arrow beside the box that says "Look In" to find where you have stored the photos.


3. Click on the photo you want to place in the Pictures folder and click the Open button at the bottom of the browser box. This will place the picture in the Pictures Folder.
4. Now you can type a title for this photo in the box provided. For example "Driver's License".

 To display a photo as the Tenant Photo in the upper part of Tenant Details:  


1. Find the photo you want from the list of photos and click the box next to the title that says: "Show this picture above as the Tenant Photo" 
2. You can change which picture is displayed above, by finding the new picture in the list and checking this box.

Note: You can only select one of the photos to be displayed in the Tenant Details portion. You can change your selection, by checking the box beside "Show This Picture Above", on a different photo from the list.

 To rotate a photo:

1. Click on the arrows displayed on the screen by the photo.  

 To show a photo full size:

1. To view a photo full size, click the Full Size icon. 

To delete a photo:

1. Choose the photo from the list on the left by clicking on the name.
2. Push the Delete button located above the list.        

 To view one of the photos:

1. Click on the title of the picture listed in the list on the left.
2. You will be able to view the photo in the box on the right.

  To change the order of the pictures in this list:

1. Click on the picture name in the list on the left that you want to re order.
2. Then use the Up and Down icons to move this item up or down in the list of pictures.
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