Where do I list all of my contractors?

Use this form to keep a record of contractors used or recommended, including notes about their work or other comments. Contractors will be added to the payee list for easy selection on work orders, appliance repair records and for banking functions.

 You can select the types of work a contractor performs so that later, for example, you run reports to find all the plumbers you have listed.

Keep their Tax ID number so later you can easily create 1099 tax forms.

 To add information about a new contractor:

1. Click on Lists>Contractors on the menu bar.    
2. Click the New button in the upper left corner of the form. This will clear the form for you to fill in information about the contractor.  When you create a new contractor, the contractor will then appear on the list panel to the left of the Contractor Form.

 To move a contractor up or down in the list:

1. Select the contractor you want to move by clicking on their name in the list panel on the left side of your screen.    
2. Now, click the Up or Down icons which appear at the top of the list.        

 To select this contractor's service types:

Click in each box beside the service types that pertain to this contractor. For example; if  Stecz Carpentry does carpentry work and installing carpet, then you would check the boxes that pertain to the work types that this contractor can perform.

 To add notes about this address:

1. Click on the New button  beside the notes section.
2. The current date will be filled in for you. The date can be changed if you wish by typing over the date or clicking on the Calendar icon to choose the date from a calendar.
3. Type your notes in the Description field.

Note: If you have security set up, the current user's name will be placed in the "Who" field.

 To make a contractor inactive:

1. Find the contractor from the list panel on the left side of your screen, and click on that contractor's name to open that record.
2. Click on the check box beside the word Inactive.    

Note: The contractor's name will now be displayed in gray on your Contractor List. The contractor will no longer show on drop down lists of contractors throughout Sidekick.

 To add or edit the contractor service types:

1. Click on Lists>Contractors on the menu bar to open the Contractor Form.
2. At the bottom of the contractor service types panel, click on: "Add/Edit Contractor Types in List" 
3. This will open the Contractor Types screen.
You can add new types by clicking the New icon and typing in the name.
Move contractor types up and down in the list by clicking on the Up or Down icons.  
To delete a contractor type, click on the contractor type and then click on the Delete icon.  
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