Where can I track tenant incidents?

The Tenant Incidents folder is a convenient place to record everything that happens with a tenant.  This record could protect you in the future if there should be a dispute or threatened suit. Many Sidekick users print out a report of this folder when they need to go to court. The entries in the Incidents folder will also help you to decide whether to renew a lease or not.

Here you can record any complaints the tenant makes. You can record any complaints made about the tenant by other tenants or neighbors. You may also want to note anything you and the tenant have agreed upon. If you mark an entry with a light bulb icon, this item will show on the Sidekick Reminder System. This is a great feature to help you remember anything you need to do concerning a tenant such as send the tenant a warning letter.

 Some events will be automatically logged to the Incident Folder, such as the ones listed below:


Deleted a Payment
Charge Date Changed
Charge Amount Changed
Deleted a Charge
Deleted a Scheduled Charge from the Recurring Charges Folder
Charged Ahead on the Income Form
Tenant Moved from one unit to Another
Tenant Copied from unit to Another - (Renting more than one unit)

You can change which items will be logged to the Tenant Incidents folder by going to the menu bar to Preferences > Tenant Incident Log

You can choose to restrict the use of this folder by some Sidekick users through the Security System so that this logging can not be deleted.  It is always possible to delete (or make changes to) any entries in the Incidents Folder after they have been logged unless your access is blocked by the Security System.

 To add a new incident:

1. Click on the new button. The current date will be inserted for you. To change the date, type over it or click on the calendar icon to choose the date from the calendar icon.
2. Describe the incident in the Incidents field.
3. The Who field will display the name of the Sidekick user if users are set up in Sidekick security.

 To set a reminder for an incident:

1. Click in the light bulb field  beside the incident you want to be reminded of.
2. This item will show on the Sidekick Reminder System until you remove the lightbulb.                

 To set up preferences for which occurrences will be logged to the incident folder automatically:  

1. Go to Setup>Preferences on the menu bar.
2. Select Incident Log.
3. Check the boxes beside the items you want to be automatically logged to the Tenant's Incidents folder.        
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