How do I make a journal entry for an expense?

When making a journal entry for an expense, start the first line listing the expense itself.
In the first field on the first line of the journal entry, click the drop down arrow to find the correct expense account as in repair, maintenance, etc.
Next enter the dollar amount of the expense in the debit column. (A debit will raise the amount of funds you are applying to this expense account.)
Leave the credit field blank.
Make any kind of memo you want.
Choose the company, property, or unit associated with the expense.
Choose the payee where the payment was made.
On the second line of the journal entry, click on the drop down arrow and pull up the bank account from which the the expense was paid.
Do not enter anything in the debit field.
In the credit field, enter the same dollar amount as on the first line. (A credit will show as a withdrawal in a bank account.)
Enter any kind of memo you want.
Enter the same property as above.
Choose the same payee as above.
In most journal entries showing traditional income or expenses:
A debit is a deposit.
A credit is a withdrawal.
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